Series Review: Vinland Saga

I’ve heard many great things about Vinland Saga, and honestly, I was really drawn into watching this anime series.

I am really interested with stories of Vikings, of Norsemen, and the mythology that came with it. It follows  the story of Thorfinn who was told of a story of a beautiful, ideal place called Vinland.

However, when I watched it, the pacing of the story felt kinda off. It didn’t hold my attention until the main characters set sail for the first time. And from there, it started to feel like a smaller-scale Game of Thrones. And hell, even some of the events that ensued are reminiscent of that series.

It is brutal, honest, and terribly raw. I liked it.

I admire the character development that the characters underwent, especially Thorfinn’s, Canute’s and Askeladd’s.

Thorfinn grew from this highly optimistic kid to this devastated human only fueled by rage and promise of revenge. Askeladd grew from this somehow unlikeable character to a realistic human being that you could totally relate to.

Really. More than the story, it is the characterization of the cast that made watching Vinland Saga very much worth it.

But to be honest, there are various points in the story that felt long and dragged out… Arcs that could have been shortened, but reading the reviews, I came to the conclusion that it could be just mine alone.

All in all, this is an anime series worth recommending.

Where I watched it: Netflix

Images/screenshots from Google.


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