Review: Toy Story 4 (2019)

“You got a friend in me…”

I’ve when this movie when the hype died down already so I was free to see and critic it without any outside biases. I haven’t read any reviews so yep, the judgment is all my own.

I thought that the Toy Story tale already concluded with 2010’s Toy Story 3. And that’s for all the good reasons because how it ended was just perfect. So I was quite surprised to discover that there is a fourth one out because I just don’t see the point of it, to be honest.

So late 2020, I decided to watch this film and it was good. Classic Pixar who manages to tug at our heartstrings and stuff, inject humor and humanity to an otherwise just a simple animated movie.

Here we find Woody and the gang out on the wide. Bonnie, the girl who’s the new owner of Andy’s toys, took on a trip with her parents. She brought with her the toys and Forky, a toy made by Bonnie herself. But this was no ordinary toy because she became the one dearest to Bonnie… and he’s got an existential crisis since he is first and foremost, a fork.

Anyway they’ll find themselves in an adventure when one evening Forky tries to run away and Woody sought to retrieve him. There they met friends, old and new as well as a doll which complicates their plan.

Toy Story 4 is an overall enjoyable film. I mean, it is quite difficult to find a bad Pixar movie because they just affect you somehow. I don’t know.

This film is no exception to that. While in my heart, their stories ended with them being given away, this takes on another level of feels. Of finding yourself when you think that you’ve lost your purpose through Woody, Gabby Gabby’s yearning to rebuild a past that has long been forgotten, finding out who you really are with Forky.

In the end, it is a new experience that would be enjoyed by new viewers or even those who followed the story over the years.

Where I watched it: Cinehub

Images/screenshots from Google.

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