Review: Onward (2020)

“You still got the rope, right?”

In a world where technology kinds the existence of magic, two brothers, elven brothers, seeks on a quest to resurrect their father for for a day.

The premise of this story is good and I appreciate that it is going in a direction that is something really original. And entirely during its run, I see that it is a fun and inspiring movie.

When I watched it, I remember really enjoying this since it’s got the perfect blend of magic and mayhem, adventure and soul. However, personally, while it’s got the elements for a great tale of brotherly love and adventure, the story doesn’t really leave an imprint to me.

Sure, it’s got great moments, quite a number of them, in fact. But it just didn’t connect to me in the similar way the other Pixar movies do. But I’m not saying that it’s a bad movie (that would be contradicting all the things I’ve said earlier), but it just didn’t click to me as I really wanted to.

All in all, this movie’s still worth a watch for the entire family.

Where I watched it: Cinehub

Images/screenshots from Google.

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