Review: Frozen 2 (2019)

“I can hear you, but I won’t.”

Following the events of the original Frozen movie, the story of the Arendelle royalties continue as Queen Elsa heard a singing voice as if it is calling to her. Her answering to its call led to the awakening of old elemental spirits and takes the gang far beyond their known home and challenges they’ve never experienced before.

Contrary to the more popular opinions, I’ve never really liked the first Frozen movie… and I’ve actually liked this follow-up to the story for reasons I couldn’t really explain.

Perhaps because of the darker edge of the story, or the more mystic feel to it? I’m not sure. All I can really say is that this film suited me better. The story that opened in Frozen helped to propel the narrative for me. This makes it as if the story isn’t that much focused in ‘introducing’ the characters and more of developing them already.

It is much adventurous and more mature, some qualities which I found the first film to be quite lacking. Exploring the sidelines and the wide world beyond Arendelle added to the different feel to it.

Seeing Elsa and Anna being together (and separated) on their quest feels like seeing old friends or something that you haven’t seen in a while.

Overall, a fun movie.

Where I watched it: Cinehub

Images/screenshots from Google.

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